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Down with curling collars!

June 12, 2017

The neckline is the place the shirt declares itself.

An evil fitting or twisting neckline is never a decent look in case you’re attempting to make any kind of positive, style impression. Also, who hasn’t battled with a neckline excessively floppy, making it impossible to confront it accomplices in dress – the suit and tie? A neckline that is sitting right, fitting appropriate, with tips as a straight as a bite the dust – can lift your outfit to an unheard of level. You’ll look more quick witted, more expert and by and large very much customized.

Jeffrey – the proprietor of Savile Row Company, was a young fellow when he began making shirts. In his eyes, an immaculate neckline is a wondrous thing; he’s took after his enthusiasm investing years refining the fit, solace and look of shirt collars. With an end goal to raise the stakes in observing a superior turned out Britain – he urges every one of us to get going to play a part with his ‘Boycott the Collar Curl Club!

Any shirt can look flawless when new, yet the organization makes shirts that stay looking perfect wear-after-wear, wash-after-wash.


What’s the mystery?


Jeffrey has executed extra and separating ventures into the shirt making process.


To start with – each neckline has two arrangements of stiffeners or stays (contingent upon which side of the Atlantic you sit). One arrangement of neckline stiffeners is fundamental and one removable. The vital ones are situated to sit appropriate in the focuses, so the neckline is perfect, holds its shape and never twists. Once accurately set up, the neckline is best sewed.


Little spaces are then sewn into the underside of the neckline where the removable stiffeners can be embedded. In spite of the additional time and asset included, these means are exceptionally esteemed by a man whose point is to convey extravagance shirts.


Jeffrey has additionally concocted another outline and solace highlight, novel to the Savile Row Company. How the neckline stand (additionally alluded to as the ‘band’) meets the neckline has a significant effect to how a neckline looks and searches the neck. Theirs are exceptionally, delicately formed to suit a tie all the more easily. No more neckline rub! Furthermore, there’s a special reward – with this unique element – collars sit better with open-necked shirts too.


For each one of those for Curl Free Collars – say Aye!

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