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How to Look Dashing for a Summer BBQ

June 12, 2017

BBQ isn’t only the winter’s occasion, but we all love to eat barbequed food in summers as well. Thought it’s not considered as the ‘official’ season for BBQ here in Pakistan, but we still want and ‘We Want More’ is the slogan of barbeque lovers. Then dressing is another issue of such a hot weather in such high-end gathering for this high-class cookout!

Savile Row Pakistan brings some cool ideas of what to wear and how to look dashing for a summer BBQ event.

Polo Shirts

In this obdurately hot recalcitrant weather the polo shirt could be one of the best choices to wear in BBQ. Not to enhance your cooking skills of course but to mount your stylish looks.   This extravagant polo shirt should go perfect with shorts or chinos to make the evening truly yours.


Chinos go best for cool dressing. Just turn-up the hem couple of times, wear a classy button down shirt with boat shoes and you’re all done.


If the sun is very hot on BBQ day, your next best choice after chinos should definitely be shorts.

Pairing it up with sneakers or penny loafers, the shorts are equally comfortable that goes perfect with the nature of event.

Linen Shirts

Linen shirt will keep you cool and calm whole day no matter if you’re an official chef  of the day or somehow get stuck to entertain the guests. Make a contrast to wear it with simple casual shoes, shorts or chinos. Without compromising in your looks, roll up the sleeves and you’re ready to master the day.

Linen Jacket

If you’re more than lucky and feel the breezy day is on its way to welcome your BBQ party, you can blindly go for linen jacket with buttoned shirt pairing with chinos and loafers. Breathable, stretchable, lightweight and frothy, it will keep you cool all day long.

Now you’re all aware of how to style up and look dashing for a summer BBQ, all that left is sun block and sausages! Enjoy your time!

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