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Shirt fabrics – A Quick Summary

June 12, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to know the difference between shirt fabrics, here’s a quick handy guide to help:

What is pinpoint?
A pinpoint is similar cloth to an Oxford, although it uses a finer yarn and lighter weave. It’s a little more formal.

What is poplin?
A simple over and under weave gives a very smooth yet durable cotton. Handsomely crisp when ironed, it’s the shirting favourite.

What is herringbone?
In the twill family but with the distinctive fish-bone pattern. Often called the king of weaves for it’s lustre and luxurious touch.

What is end-on-end?
A one-on-one weave, often using white with another colour. From a distance, it looks like a solid colour – up close, it has a discreet check effect

What is a twill?
A diagonal weave that gives a subtle texture and lustre. A tad heavier than poplin, soft to the touch and easy to iron.

What is an Oxford?
A basket weave, with warp and weft threads crossing each other in pairs, gives its characteristics textured appearance.

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